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For visitors to a busy city, staying in a furnished apartment is far more relaxing and interesting than staying in a hotel, but for property owners that can mean a lot of time and hassle. London Base Property Management will look after the long and short-term letting of your property, maximising its financial potential. It is the location of premium beautiful properties that sets the experience apart… the communities in which Londoners actually live and socialise, rather than the tourist ghettos of the West End. What might turn out to be the city’s most important hotel innovation has been going on behind the scenes. How much more compelling than an anonymous hotel room is the chance to step into the shoes of a local?



Short-term rentals earn a lot more than residential letting. Unlock your property’s potential and routinely earn up to 200% of the residential yield on your property.


London Base will take care of everything for you. We will take guest inquiries, screen guests, arrange cleaners, organise repairs, coordinate key exchange, provide 24/7 guest support, and even optimise the pricing to ensure you are always earning the most you can. We will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry.


Sometimes you might want to use the property yourself, whether that is to have family stay or to use when you want a different bed for the night. Just give the team at London Base notice and we will make sure it is all yours!


From 15%

London Base’s full property management solution. This covers the organisation of cleaning, laundry, check-in and outs as well as someone resupplying your house.

Guaranteed Monthly Rent

We are so sure that we can fill your property that we will give you the option of receiving a guaranteed monthly income, regardless of how your listing performs (as opposed to the per book charge, approval & terms apply).


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