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Social media and the shared economy are shaping and changing the world we live in. At London Base we help our clients navigate this evolving landscape: from architectural and interior design to online marketing and full management of our clients’ property portfolios with the aim of maximising its financial potential. We collaborate with leading architects, interior designers as well as photographers, graphic designers and stylists to provide a cutting edge product.



Design Service

London Base will take care of everything for you to maximise your property potential. We collaborate with leading architects, interiors designers, photographers and interior designers. 


We will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry. We will provide 24/7  support and optimise the pricing to ensure you are always earning the most you can.

Online Marketing Strategy

We will design an online marketing strategy to match your life-style and meet your individual financial goals.


From 15%

London Base’s full property management solution. This covers the organisation of cleaning, laundry, check-in and outs as well as someone resupplying your house.

from 10%

Design Services and Marketing Strategy 


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